Digital Dog Training

Every part of our lives is mobile now, from our banking to our music, if it isn’t a click away it’s often too far away. While most industries have caught up to this rapid world we live in, dog training most certainly has not. That’s why we are so incredibly excited to announce the start of the Obedience Dog Training Pawdcast! 

No longer are costly, time-intensive, classes your only hope for a well-behaved dog. Now we bring all the information you need right to your hand, available anytime, anywhere. 

My name is Vic Tate, your host and trainer of the podcast. In my past life as a veterinarian and dog show consultant here in Central Wisconsin I’ve seen just about every type of dog, ranging from Tibetan Mastiffs to chihuahuas. Throughout my 20 years in the industry I’ve learned the tendencies and behavioral patterns of all breeds, becoming in tune with the intricacies of dog development and training.

Our podcast will consist of three weekly shows, divided up by experience each lasting an hour. We will have a beginning, intermediate, and advanced show for our listeners.

Beginning Pawdcast

The perfect introduction to the world of dog obedience training. Intended for puppies and dogs new to their owners, we delve into the foundation of caring for a dog. From house-training tips to simple commands, here we focus on the importance of building a firm but friendly relationship with your new best friend. The Beginning Pawdcast will be released every Monday night.

Intermediate Pawdcast

Once your dog has mastered the beginning steps of obedience training, it’s time to kick it up a notch. In our Intermediate Pawdcast we begin to focus more on actual obedience training, teaching your four legged friend how to better handle all sorts of distractions. This podcast will be released every Tuesday night. 

Advanced Pawdcast

Once your furry pal has become comfortable in the world of obedience training, it’s time to challenge them. Want to trust your dog off the leash? Looking for fun tricks for him or her to learn? Our Advanced Pawdcast is perfect for the ambitious dog owner, for here is when you really start seeing results. This wonderful podcast will be released every Thursday night.

Now that you have a bit of an idea of what we are all about here at the Obedience Dog Training Pawdcast, we encourage you to take some time and explore our website. We are so thankful for your ongoing support! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out to us here!