Favorite Dog Resources

American Kennel Club- The answer to all your questions about your dog. The national registry for purebred dog pedigrees, this site is seeming with information and important updates.

Pet Partners- This non-profit is wholeheartedly devoted to registering therapy dogs. Whether you want to donate, or see if your own dog could be of assistance, this website is a fantastic way to help the less fortunate.

Cesar’s Way- The website of the world-renowned Cesar Millan, here dog owners can find a plethora of content on how to best train and interact with their dogs.

BringFido- Not sure where you can bring your dog? BringFido is a must have resource telling you where you can bring your pal, from dog-friendly events to restaurants.

Pet Finder- An unbeatable resource if you are looking to adopt a dog or any other animal, go find your new friend today!

Dog Food Adviser- What we feed our dogs can drastically effect their development and health, here Mike Sangman gives fantastic advice for finding the perfect food for your dog.

Canine Health Information Center-  Perhaps our favorite site for your dog’s health. Here dog owners can find breed-specific health issues and information.

Best Friends– One of Vic’s favorite organizations, Best Friends is one of the largest no-kill shelters in America, fighting to keep dogs out of shelters.

Got a link?

If you or someone you know has a great link you want to us share, please don’t be afraid to reach out! We are always looking for great new resources for our listeners!