Meet Vic

Hello Dog Lovers!

I just wanted to start off by saying how honored we are for your trust in training your companion. We here at the Obedience Dog Training Pawdcast take great pride in helping you perfect your dog’s behavior.

My name is Vic Tate, and I’m sure there is a bit of canine in my blood. As you may have already read, I was a veterinarian and dog show consultant for over 20 years before starting this podcast. Based in Amherst, Wisconsin, I have seen just about everything in the dog world- from medical emergencies to the Westminster Dog Show. Throughout all of these great experiences and memories I always knew that I wanted to focus on dog obedience. Watching a dog and his or her owner develop a bond is perhaps my greatest joy, as I’ve seen countless friendships blossom before my eyes.

So that’s why I started this podcast, keen on helping others foster a life-long friendship with their canine, no matter their behavioral tendencies.

If you want to discuss your dog’s development, have questions, or want to start up a conversation, please send me an email! I would love to hear your stories and help in any way I possibly can.